It’s always wonderful to see one of our commercial customers expanding their space – and all the more exciting when we get the opportunity to collaborate for a second time! You’ll remember the fabulous Majestic Gourmet Grocers from our post a little while back (refresh your memory here), where we had the honour of working with owners and all-round awesome humans Cheryl and Tim on the look and feel of their ‘Mercado Europa’. This April saw the opening of their Harvest Bar – located up the stairs and overlooking the wonderfully grand, Art Deco foyer of the original Majestic Theatre on Petersham’s New Canterbury Road.

Wanting a more decadent and intimate feel in the new bar, compared to the breezy informality of the marketplace downstairs, we worked closely with Cheryl and Tim to create a space that was refined, yet complimentary to their existing establishment. Leather was instrumental in this; providing the warming aesthetics of a speakeasy while complimenting the industrial finishes of the bar and walls. Recycled timber coffee tables (actually Entertainment Units) from our Wharf River Road Collection lent a further industrial edge, whilst the Melbourne Table Tops (also used in the market downstairs) helped tie the dual-leveled establishment together.

It was a real joy to see everything come together, especially on Opening Night, where the success was all the more sweet upon seeing customers enjoying the furniture and the ambiance it helps create. We wish all the team at Majestic Gourmet Grocers all the best for the future – we’ll definitely be visiting for some of those delectable tapas plates this winter!

majestic_gourment_jo_hombsch_15 Harvest Bar @ The Majestic

Some of the delicious Tapas Menu on offer (Photo Credit: Jo Hombsch)

12032052_1688648371369107_2895060171328899969_n Harvest Bar @ The Majestic

Our Deco Sofa, Wharf River Industrial ETU, and Clarence Chairs creating a cosy nook.

harvest-bar-petersham-urban-list Harvest Bar @ The Majestic

Photo Credit: Urban List

harvest-bar-petersham-broadsheet Harvest Bar @ The Majestic

Photo Credit: Broadsheet

Henry Ford was on to something when he told his customers: “you can have any colour, as long as it’s black.” As Summer rounds to an end, and our gaze shifts to Winter, we’re gladly embracing darker, more moody colours – and what colour has more attitude than Black? Whether it’s black on white, white on black, charcoal or gunmetal, matte or metallic, we’re loving all things monochrome. Look to these uber-chic interiors for inspiration, before having a browse of our glamourous products – guaranteed to never go out of style.


669794e0bc9b92894e3357a47d9233dd Black is the New Black
7f3563308836ac6508eb883bc5801386 Black is the New Black
f71bd475b7813afe3325452c142cfa16 Black is the New Black
a9a5d77ef3de133cbd4f21d2d82d1c27 Black is the New Black

Located in the picturesque Broke Fordwich wine region in the renowned Hunter Valley, just two hours North of Sydney, lies the beautiful vineyards of Greenway Wines – a fledgling wine company that has already captured the hearts and admiration of many an oenophilist. With awards a-plenty, Greenway Wines delights in sharing the fruits of their labour: 6.5 acres of vines, with Merlot, Shiraz and Gewurztraminer grapes being just a few varieties growing in abundance on the estate.

With the recent opening of their ‘Cellar Door’ wine tasting rooms, located in a red barn so charming it looks like its been plucked from the illustrations of a children’s book, we were honoured our Ralston Leather Armchairs were chosen to complete the interior decor. Always a winning combination, we love the juxtaposition of our Vintage Leather with the gleaming bottles of jewel-coloured wines available for weekend tastings. Open from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays, make it your first stop on your next trip to the Hunter.

12342412_972744902800592_7887339538738324899_n Greenway Wines - Cellar Door 1415312_983161621758920_4385565993714961711_o Greenway Wines - Cellar Door

Image Credit: @greenway_wines

Part-Parisian Cafe, part-surf shack, the new Byron Fresh Cafe in Byron Bay epitomises the ‘laid-back chic’ the area is renowned for. The interior, which was the brainchild of Interior Designer Nyree Mackenzie effortlessly combines elements of classic French style (wrought iron, delicate geometric tiles, bistro chairs) with the Cafe’s weatherbeaten exterior – making it look like the Cafe washed ashore, after being adrift for several months.

To achieve this creative look, we were honored that Nyree chose our gorgeous Cast Iron Chaplin Chairs, as well as our Copper Brooklyn Bentwood Chairs for the interior seating. Illuminated by paint-splattered industrial hanging lamps, we think they look rather sensational (if we say so ourselves!).

With plenty of design features to catch your eye – the fabulous double height French doors being one of our personal favourites – the atmosphere is relaxed, yet sophisticated. Open daily from 7:30am to 10pm at night, the Cafe also dishes out some delectable grub, as well as some of the best coffee around (or so we’ve heard). They’ve also been known to promote some great live music in the evenings – the perfect accompaniment to dinner after a long day in the Byron sunshine. We’ll definitely be making a beeline for this place next time we’re up.

For more information please visit:

Screenshot-2016-02-03-15.24.33 Byron Fresh Cafe - Nyree Mackenzie Interior Design

copper Byron Fresh Cafe - Nyree Mackenzie Interior Design

Screenshot-2016-02-03-15.23.11 Byron Fresh Cafe - Nyree Mackenzie Interior Design

Postcard Byron Fresh Cafe - Nyree Mackenzie Interior Design

8f8a603b8d63e958a5bbc4fc21057efc Copper Feel

As one of the biggest trends of 2015, Copper is still steaming ahead into 2016 – with new and exciting ways to incorporate this beautiful metal into your interiors. This year, it’s a “go hard or go home” attitude, which sees Copper moving into furniture – taking over your Dining Tables, Consoles, Chairs and Coffee Tables.

At Dovetailed & Doublestitched, we’ve embraced this trend with our muted, Rustic Copper – an easier shade to incorporate into your old interior, or work with for your new ones. Why not take some inspiration from these imaginative images, before checking out our Copper collection for yourself – we suspect you might be pleasantly surprised.

57182621a71c9ebc1c1be071d5e5255d Copper Feel
451f1580ce90a5b8964a140a5e2713c6 Copper Feel
7d85eb1f434495a1a97f24e415859950 Copper Feel

It’s always exciting when the opportunity arises to team up with a new commercial venue looking for a point of difference in their interior decor. In this case, it was Majestic Gourmet Grocers, who have taken over the abandoned landmark of the Majestic Theatre on Petersham’s New Canterbury Road.

Wanting a fresh take on an artisan deli, we worked with them on their dining space, providing a rustic, yet polished, aesthetic, in keeping with their Modern Italian-inspired ethos of great food, good coffee, and fresh produce. Our caramel coloured solid Mango Wood Melbourne Table Tops sit atop our cast iron Florence Table Bases (coming soon), and assist in giving the space an element of ‘rustic-luxe’.

The lovingly restored theatre, with its breathtakingly glamourous Art Deco entrance hall (complete with marble staircase and crystal chandeliers), is a beacon for the modern Australian hospitality industry, and we’re certainly glad we could play a small part in that journey.

Make the Majestic Gourmet Grocer your brunch destination this weekend – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

11817238_1667608606806417_3736443247125231977_n Majestic Gourmet Grocers - Commercial Fit Out


11954628_1676200122613932_5894584063136737854_n Majestic Gourmet Grocers - Commercial Fit Out


11802774_1668940193339925_6682892498006652859_o-470x313 Majestic Gourmet Grocers - Commercial Fit Out


1655448_1656136191286992_179583990014963792_o-470x313 Majestic Gourmet Grocers - Commercial Fit Out

Looking to inject some vibrancy and character into your home environment? One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to choose a colourful piece of furniture for your space. If you’re looking for a bold, statement piece, a bright stool or table can be just the thing. Alternatively, you can inject colour in a more subtle way by choosing a piece of furniture with a painted metal base or legs. Here’s some style inspiration…

redstools1 Pop of Colour
mumbai1 Pop of Colour
indiancoffeecart23 Pop of Colour
redstools3-683x1024 Pop of Colour
redstools Pop of Colour

Now, get the look…

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time for us to think of all the wonderful things in our lives for which we are thankful. Of course, on the top of this list should be the people in our lives: our partners, families and friends.

So let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on the wonderful relationships we have in our lives. And, if we’re feeling particularly inspired, why not stop and enjoy the company of our friends and families in our beautiful homes?

These pieces are sure to liven up your house and help you entertain your guests. Thank us later…

thankstable Time to Give Thanks
table15 Time to Give Thanks
table10 Time to Give Thanks
thanksbanner Time to Give Thanks

Here at Dovetailed and Doublestitched, we’re all yelling TIMBER! If you’re looking to add a rustic feel to your home or office environment, timber is the way to go. With a wide variety of timber products available, you can choose to incorporate timber into your decor in a big way, with beautiful timber tables and entertainment units, or in a more subtle way, with the exposed timber back and sides of our Willow Vintage Leather Armchair. Get inspired…

5 Timber-land
1 Timber-land
7 Timber-land
3 Timber-land

Halloween is almost here! Trick your house out with home decor treats in spooky Vintage Black leather, Midnight Black velvet and Gothic arch mirrors. With a number of our more eerie products on sale for a limited time only, now is the time to treat yourself…

halloween_gothic8 Trick or Treat?
halloween_gothic10 Trick or Treat?
halloween_gothic7 Trick or Treat?
halloween_gothic1-399x640-364x584 Trick or Treat?
halloween_gothic3-470x314 Trick or Treat?