50 Shades of Grey
Grey. The word is on everybody's lips at the moment. Regardless of whether or not you've read the book, or seen the film, grey is everywhere - on our screens, in our shops, and now, it seems, in our homes.  Just so we're clear, Mr Grey won't be turning up at your front door anytime soon (we presume). What we're interested in is the way grey hues are taking over our interiors. Having long been regarded as a colour synonymous with soot and dirt, grey has been making quite the comeback in recent years. Less severe than monochrome, and more forgiving than white, grey is homely, warm, and diverse; not only in its shades, but in its materials and textures. Metals, paints, textiles and even timbers like birch and gumtree, are being incorporated alongside one another, to give a veritable spectrum of muted tones. Be inspired to incorporate grey into your interiors with these stunning photos, before browsing our own 'shades of grey' products to take home today.

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