Gothic Revival
There's been a Gothic Revival of late, but not as you know it: no brooding, dark, rooms full of cobwebs and rising damp, but light, airy spaces, that display the beauty of Gothic Style and Design. Originally borne out of the architecture of European Churches, first in the Medieval Period, and once again in the Victorian Era, Gothic has swung around again in a most surprising and pleasing way. Whimsical touches of windows, arches and mirrors in bright, light-filled homes, add a playful side to what was once a heavy, serious aesthetic. Why not take some inspiration from these beautiful homes, and add a touch of the Gothic to your own spaces with our beautiful new mirror range... 8b265c84dd52b0d0cc886d269ba87702   cfefd3319ec315cc4d69ce67897e459c   48283ad19b4930bf85e6cadb969cd351   b3016e59b9f34b0b2f3c9a4a7e357579   fb00d20dd0b060abd4fff0a931ed402e

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