Harvest Bar @ The Majestic
It's always wonderful to see one of our commercial customers expanding their space - and all the more exciting when we get the opportunity to collaborate for a second time! You'll remember the fabulous Majestic Gourmet Grocers from our post a little while back (refresh your memory here), where we had the honour of working with owners and all-round awesome humans Cheryl and Tim on the look and feel of their 'Mercado Europa'. This April saw the opening of their Harvest Bar - located up the stairs and overlooking the wonderfully grand, Art Deco foyer of the original Majestic Theatre on Petersham's New Canterbury Road. Wanting a more decadent and intimate feel in the new bar, compared to the breezy informality of the marketplace downstairs, we worked closely with Cheryl and Tim to create a space that was refined, yet complimentary to their existing establishment. Leather was instrumental in this; providing the warming aesthetics of a speakeasy while complimenting the industrial finishes of the bar and walls. Recycled timber coffee tables (actually Entertainment Units) from our Wharf River Road Collection lent a further industrial edge, whilst the Melbourne Table Tops (also used in the market downstairs) helped tie the dual-leveled establishment together. It was a real joy to see everything come together, especially on Opening Night, where the success was all the more sweet upon seeing customers enjoying the furniture and the ambiance it helps create. We wish all the team at Majestic Gourmet Grocers all the best for the future - we'll definitely be visiting for some of those delectable tapas plates this winter! majestic_gourment_jo_hombsch_15 13226717_1764471730453437_8350349294459039068_n Our Regent Parlour Chairs sitting around our Melbourne Table Tops and Chicago Drinks Trolley 12032052_1688648371369107_2895060171328899969_n Our Deco Sofa, Wharf River Industrial ETU, and Clarence Chairs harvest-bar-petersham - urban list harvest-bar-petersham - broadsheet