Leather In Winter

In winter time we become homebodies intrinsically drawn to the great indoors and creature comforts including plush leather, lush velvets and warm wood accents. Here are some of our favourite ‘leather in the winter’ looks for season ahead.

The Bureau, Pymble

This powerfully styled workspace offers a ‘home away from home’ design. Simultaneously cosy while also exuding luxurious sophistication, the workspace achieves an aesthetically gorgeous yet functional look by cleverly pairing bold Georgian colours with soft leathers and raw teak timbers.

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Pair our Old Bailey Three Seater Chesterfield in Black Leather with blue and brown finishings such as the Orbit Swivel Armchair in Aqua and the Teak Parquet Dining Table.

The World McIntosh Tower, New York

A case in point for warm industrial decor, The World McIntosh Tower in New York juxtaposes dramatically high ceilings and exposed brick walls with sectional sofas and dark, sleek objets for a contrast of vintage shabby chic against contemporary cool.

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Use Edwardian leather sofas such as the Belgrave Vintage Leather 3 Seat Sofa against faded rugs and large scale busy artworks for industrial cosiness.  

The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, Chicago

This venue features old-world style with an emphasis on vertical lines and starch whites. The result is a traditional Clubhouse style that’s calming to the eye while emphasising history and precision.  

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Use a neutral backdrop and create an emphasis on directionality with heavy pinstripe blankets and long draped navy curtains. Emphasise the traditional with well-crafted items such as the Talbot Armchair in Vintage Leather placed kitty corner to vintage furnishings like the Volta Side Table.