Pantone Colour Trends for AW 19/20

The Pantone Colour Institute have released their top 12 Autumn-Winter Colours for 2019-2020. Inspired by the runways of New York and London Fashion Weeks, standout shades include ‘Chilli Pepper’ and ‘Evening Blue’ coupled with muted, earthy tones like ‘Orange Tiger’ and ‘Crème de Pêche’. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone, reflects on the collection “colors for Autumn/Winter 2019-2020 range from easy and sophisticated to strikingly different and unique...enabling the wearer to choose the colours that best reflect his or her mood and persona.”

As always, Pantone’s colour stories are influencing fashion retailers, interior designers and enthusiasts around the world and we’re no exception. Below is a summary of our favourite hues and how to effortlessly match our hardwood furniture to these on-trend tones.

“Chilli Pepper 19-1557”

Described by Eiseman as a “spicy red that adds drama” this bold accent colour instantly enlivens any room. We love the Enoki Crimson Velvet Bar Stool featuring a bright, fiery velvet to align with the concept of a bold, statement-making piece.

“Sugar Almond 18-1155”

From the seasonal core-shades collection, Sugar Almond is an ‘appetising mid-tone’ that instantly calls to mind chic, sweetened leathers such as the Lexington Leather Armchair In Toffee.   

“Rocky Road 19-1234”

Overwhelmingly, the AW palette shows off a mix of warm colours this season, including ‘Peachy Pink’ ‘Biking Red’, ‘Sugar Almond’ and, of course, ‘Rocky Road’. Described as a ‘rich’ and ‘grounded’ brown, we love this solid colour reflected in the Glostrup Armchair and Ottoman.

“Galaxy Blue 19-4055” and “Bluestone 18-4217”

Despite the eclectic mix of neutrals, there were stand out pops of cool-toned colour as well, including ‘Galaxy Blue’ and ‘Bluestone’ - both complementary blues that act as counterpoints to warmer shades.

We love the plush, unique colour of our Regal Dining Chair to match the Galaxy Blue inspiration while the Enoki Stool in Aqua Velvet provides a complementary ‘Bluestone’ accent for elsewhere within the same room.

For more information on the Pantone Colour Palette AW 2019-2020 visit their website: