With over 25 years experience in caring and repairing timber and leather, Dovetailed & Doublestitched’s Leather & Timber Care Instructions are a must-read for anyone looking to buy, care for, or restore beautiful pieces of furniture.

All Dovetailed & Doublestitched products are for indoor use only.

Leather Care

Leather is a natural material which will last a long time, but only if maintained correctly.

Leather should be cleaned and conditioned regularly (every 3-6 months) with a leather care product to avoid any drying out and cracking. These are industry-recommended care products suitable for all types of leather and must be used as recommended.

For furniture placed in high-use areas, clean and protect every 4 months.

To minimise fading, avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight or heat.

Dust and vacuum your furniture weekly.

Wipe any spills off immediately with a soft damp cloth.

Dye transfer between product / material can occur ans should be cleaned immediately with the recommended cleaning product.

Ink and pen marks must be cleaned immediately with an ink removing cleaner specifically made for leather.

It is common for leather to stretch with use and for seat foams to soften over time.

Use of general household cleaning product, chemicals and abrasives are not recommended as they can break down the protective surface and cause damage to the leather.

Timber Care

At Dovetailed & Doublestitched, we offer a range of solid timber furniture to suit your individual style.

Due to the nature of timber, you will find each piece of furniture has its own natural characteristics and patterns. No two pieces are ever the same, making a solid timber purchase a unique addition to your home.

Dust with a soft, damp cloth.

If polishing timber, use a non-silicone base polish.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent bleaching, discolouration or dying of the coated surface. Use heat resistant place mats under hot/cold food or beverages to avoid damage.

Spillages should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth as soon as possible to avoid moisture damaging the coating.

High Gloss Timber Care

Ensure you use coasters on the surfaces to protect against scratches, heat or water marks.

Water spills should be wiped up with a clean dust free cloth immediately.

Loose dust can be easily removed with a soft clean cloth by gently wiping the surface of the furniture. Dust can scratch the surface so work carefully.

Do not use a feather duster, as it may scratch the surface, and do not use polish that contains silicone or alcohol.

Upholstered Care

For upholstered chairs and sofas we recommend a simple vacuum every week. For touch stains use the services of a professional cleaning company.

Dye transfer between product / material can occur and should be cleaned immediately with the recommended cleaning product.