Recycled Timber Products Disclaimer

Our recycled timber products are made from timber reclaimed from old houses, wooden boats, old doors, building materials, etc.

Due to the nature of recycled timber the products will come with some natural imperfections. it is this type of timber that gives this furniture a unique and individual charm.

Sometimes, the timbers may still have old slight paint marks in areas.

The surface of each item may not be smooth, and unevenness may occur.

Sometimes cracks or splits may occur in recycled timber. This is a natural occurrence of this type of timber and is no way a fault. Timber may then be used to fill these cracks which will blend in with the appearance and give every item a unique look.

Putty, wood glue and sawdust may be used to fill in cracks and gouges when necessary.

Old hardware, like bolts, nails, and screws, may be still visible in some items, otherwise when these materials have been taken off, markings may still be visible on the timber.

The colour tones on the timber will vary from piece to piece. You cannot request a certain colour as all pieces come in their own individual colour and finish and no two pieces will ever be the same. This is part of the recycled charm of this furniture.

Some recycled timber items will vary considerably in size and shape due to being hand made.

If you have any hesitations please avoid purchasing these products.