February 06, 2023

How to Care for Vintage Leather Furniture

Furniture made from vintage leather can last a long time, but only if looked after correctly. Our vintage leather is crafted from the finest top grain cowhide. The leather has been hand-worked to look and feel aged. By following these few simple steps, you can ensure that your leather piece will last the test of time.

Day to Day Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is relatively easy with vintage leather. We would recommend a simple vacuum or wipe down with a microfiber cloth, every few weeks or as is necessary. This will prevent build up of dust and dirt particles.

Leather Dryness

From time to time, vintage leather can become dry and will need some care. This can be accelerated by things like temperature and humidity. We would recommend using a product like beeswax to restore moisture to the leather. Simply massage the wax into the leather using a dry cloth. This will restore your leather back to being nice and soft.

Link to buy: https://www.bunnings.com.au/glitz-200g-beeswax-polish_p4460472

Scratches and Scuff Marks

Scratches and scuff marks in the leather can happen from time to time. They are usually an easy fix. We would recommend investing in a product like Kiwi Shoe Polish in Dark Tan. If any scratches occur, simply massage in some shoe polish with a dry cloth. This should restore the look of the leather without issue. To prevent further marking occurring, it is best to keep sharp or hard objects away from the leather.

Link to buy: https://shop.coles.com.au/a/national/product/kiwi-shoe-polish-dark-tan-38g

What not to do

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on the leather. This includes things like cleaning sprays and wipes, soaps and detergents. Only ever use a damp wet cloth to clean up spills. Harsh chemicals can damage the leather.
  • Avoid sunlight. Sunlight can cause damage to the leather, mainly from fading and discoloration.
  • Avoid pets climbing on your furniture. Pets have sharp nails that can cause permanent damage to vintage leather.
  • Avoid sharp objects. Sharp objects can mark the leather. This could be something obvious like a knife or something less obvious like someone sitting on the leather with keys in their back pocket.
  • Avoid excessive heat. We would recommend keeping your leather at least 30cms away from heat sources like radiators.

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