November 15, 2022

What is Recycled Timber Furniture?

Recycled timber furniture is furniture that is made from timber that was previously used for something else. One of the best benefits of using recycled timber is that it is considered sustainable. New timber must be harvested from the earth. Which means cutting down trees and logging forests. Reclaimed timber gives old timber a second life and reduces the need to cut down trees. Our forests are a precious commodity. We consider any chance to reduce the need for new timber a win.

What makes recycled timber different?

Recycled timber has a character and charm simply not achievable by new timber. The wood had a whole other life before being apart of your furniture. We try to maintain these characteristics as best as possible. These could be things like nail marks, cracks, exposed timber grain or old paint.

Our timbers are usually recycled from houses, boats and warehouses that are hundreds of years old. Furniture made from reclaimed timber will have its own uniqueness. No two pieces will ever be the exact same.

What styles work with recycled timber furniture?

Recycled timber furniture is quite versatile and can be used for a variety of styles. You will most commonly find this type of timber used in Farmhouse, Industrial, Hamptons, Tropical, Boho and Country styles. Styles that resonate with a raw and less refined look will work best with recycled timber.

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